Women’s Weekend

Enjoy Your

As a woman, I live empowered by the collective strength of women. Women raise children. Women bind families together. Women create a safer planet with love and compassion. And women lead companies and organizations to greatness. Women, on our own merits, lift the voices and spirit of our communities to create the legacies of the future. We embolden the way forward. My portraits capture this power; bra and make-up optional!


A women’s getaway to celebrate each other. We spend time shedding the daily pressures that often cloud us from seeing and being our true selves. It’s a judgement-free zone where we laugh, live, learn, and get back in touch with the person we see in the mirror every day. We’ll leave behind all the many roles we play, and connect with others on a deeper level.

You’ll get to enjoy a massage or energy work session, and before I sneak you off for your personal portrait session, you’ll have your hair and makeup done by a professional. I have temporary tattoos with empowering messages to adorn yourself in, adult coloring books, different fabrics and wardrobe options to use during our shoot, and various fun activities. It’s a space where you’ll form new friendships, let go of preconceived ideas of what and who you *should* be, and be able to enjoy the present moment. Our time is mostly free form where everyone hangs out and simply exhales. It’s a crap-ton of fun!


Any woman who has been through some crap, and that’s 99% of us! Do you want to escape to just be a chick for a little while, and spend the day playing with other chicks? Do you want to reconnect with the inner little girl living way down deep? Or maybe you’re at a turning point and looking to spark a new self-image or celebrate a new place in your life. Perhaps, like so many of us, your inner voice is dying to let loose, to be heard, and set free. Or maybe you need a confidence boost, a space to tell your story, feel connected, and get some truth. That’s what this event is all about.

If you can embrace honesty, a bit of irreverence, vivacious behavior, and uncensored language, you should join us. We’ve all hit some bumps along the way, gotten knocked around a bit by life, and experienced what being “broken” does. We come together to kick “broken’s” ass!


I never liked pictures of myself, even those done by ‘professional’ studios. In my 30s I took a photography class. The photographer’s images were emotional and logical. I pursued more education at a week long convention where I modeled to pay my way. The images from these true professionals blew my mind! I actually loved the way I looked and it changed how I felt about myself and how comfortable I was in my own skin.

Years later, after a rough patch, I needed that boost of self-confidence again. I spent a day being photographed by one of those true professionals who made me feel comfortable. It’s a very vulnerable place to be – feeling ugly and being photographed. But who they saw through the lens was beautiful and confident. They captured that and restored my self image. This experience changed my life. I discovered my mission!

Watching women come through my studio and opt out of being photographed with their family, or spending the entire session telling me how unattractive they are, was breaking my heart. I knew how they felt, and realized that we, as women, are losing our connection with ourselves and each other. We spend almost all of our time fulfilling our responsibilities and roles in life and don’t even notice we’ve lost ourselves in the process.

So, I decided to gather a bunch of women and go to a remote place in the bay – far enough away to put daily life behind – and play. Play and relax and be…women. No boys allowed (we love boys, but this is about us women!). No bras or makeup. No expectations. No censoring. Just good food, good wine, great company and playing. Since that very first gathering, the camaraderie, support, and laughter comes pouring out – we flow. Each woman’s fine art portrait session is a reflection of who they are, deep down, under the layers; it’s unique and playful and empowering.

Since that first gathering, I’ve hosted many Women’s Empowerment days; each with a variety of different women, and each with its own uniqueness that’s renewing, uplifting, and fun.


Depending on the season, we gather in a remote location that provides indoor and outdoor meeting spaces. The location of each meetup varies, and is guaranteed to be private and picturesque.

Dates for our open events are announced as I get my crap together (haha), and costs vary depending on location. I am more than happy to schedule a private event at a location of your choice. So, let’s get this going together!
Please email me for specific details, and for first dibs and bonuses on the next event.